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Mud Temperature Control System

Mud Coolers

Mud Temperature Control System

A simple, robust design, our equipment has no moving parts and requires little maintenance; ideal for offshore and remote locations.

An efficient modular cooling system, it is skid-mounted and needs simply to be connected, to be ready for immediate operation, normally in less than 24 hours. The system incorporates two plate heat exchangers,(PHE) or Single Large PHE designed in accordance with ASME codes and standards. It features a complete piping assembly with gauges and manually operated butterfly valves for product and cooling water. The heat exchangers can be operated in parallel or as individual units depending on duties required, (Dual System only).

Our Mud Temperature Control System gives the clear advantage of safe operation at low cost:

  • Improved personnel safety and environment since oil-based fluids can be maintained at surface below their flash points.
  • Increased endurance and accuracy of in-hole measuring devices such as MWD. MWD and logging tools can be used at greater depths.
  • Increased life of elastomers resultingin fewer hole problems due to rheological properties of the drilling fluid can be maintained.

The above benefits will further increase your up-time that clearly shows on the bottom line.

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